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The best Eco-friendly Sink and toilet cleaner of 2020

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Getting rid of stubborn stains and long-lasting odors have always driven people to use harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful to our family, pets, and of course the environment around us. This is my new favorite eco-friendly cleaning product by Enviroklenz - one of my favorite non-toxic cleaning lines.

Odorklenz Sink & Disposal Cleaner

Our sinks can be the bane of our existence. Oils, fats, and leftover foods often bring a foul stench to the kitchen. As this is where our food is prepared we really don't want to be using harmful chemicals to clean it. The Sink & Disposal cleaner and deodorizer works like a dream for this situation as all you need to do is add a small portion to your drain and leave it for a few minutes. The product acts quickly at neutralizing all smells and leaves you with a non-toxic clean.

All-natural and non-toxic

Being eco-friendly the eco-products ingredients only consist of:

– Castile Soap/Coconut Oil Potassium Soap

– Glycerin/Vegetable Glycerin

– Water

– Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2)

– Magnesium Oxide (MgO)

– Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

– Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

The reason I love using Odorklenz sink and disposal cleaner is that it does not use an added scent to mask the smell that is already there. This is how I know that the odor and smells have been properly cleaned.


Besides using this product to clean my kitchen and bathroom sinks, I often use it to eliminate smells from the shower drain and even the toilet. The process is the same and works wonderfully.


I like to add a bit of lemon juice to the mixture when cleaning my toilet - this leaves the bathroom with a wonderful citrus after smell that lingers for a few days. This can also be done with various other smells such as boiling lavender and mixing the water into the toilet bowl or drains (lavender is also a natural anti-bacterial).

Have I not convinced you on why I think this is my new favorite cleaning product? You can also look at loads of reviews from others that think the same!

If you like Odorklenz or are interested in more products, you can find more of their environmentally friendly products at the link below. Make the change and use of non-toxic cleaning products. It will change the life of you and your family.

- Keep clean and stay Green -

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