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EcoEgg review - An Environmentally friendly laundry solution

When it comes to cleaning our clothing, nature really seems to suffer. From harsh chemicals to microfibres that pollute the water systems, surely there is a better way - the good news is that there is!

The EcoEgg is one environmentally friendly laundry solution that every household should use.

If you are reading this, you either want to save money or the planet, but I would assume the answer is both.  

These are the reasons I had for purchasing my first EcoEgg wash ball.

When I first bought the egg I was in search of finding a more sustainable way of cleaning my clothing.

I did not receive much support from people around my office when I would speak about it but I decided to go online and purchase the laundry ball anyway.

It is for this reason, as well as having very little prior knowledge about the product that I have decided to write an EcoEgg laundry egg review. I hope you find it helpful!

What is the EcoEgg?

This amazing laundry solution is a plastic shaped egg (hence the name) that holds two types of detergent granules.

I know what you are thinking - Plastic and detergent, how is that environmentally friendly?

We should firstly note that plastic is not evil. There is a huge war on plastic at the moment and many people take this to the extreme.

The real problem is single-use plastics or materials that cannot be used for multiple uses.

The EcoEgg is made of 100% recycled plastic and can be used hundreds, if not thousands of times. This not only reduces plastic waste products but also removes them!

As far as the detergent goes, the granules replace commercial detergents. This is really what makes the EcoEgg stand out.

The benefits of the EcoEgg

I am sure you will find your own list of benefits once you buy your own egg, but for me, there are three main benefits that I have seen from using this product:

  • Health

  • Cost

  • Environment

EcoEgg health benefits

There are many known effects of chemicals on our skin and general health, furthermore, there are many unknown effects on our bodies.

Long-term overexposure to chemicals and soaps can lead to problems such as eczema, throat irritation, and allergies.

One of the main toxic ingredients in washing detergent is quaternium-15 which is known to release formaldehyde and various other carcinogens.

The minerals in the EcoEgg have been dermatologically tested and as a result, you will have a hypo-allergenically cleaned batch of laundry.


To me the cost-benefit is significant. This little egg has been used as part of my normal laundry routine for close to 2 years and I have not yet refilled it.

For only a $USD 10 investment it is possible to save huge on washing powders and fabric softeners. Not only will it save on detergent cost, but because this method uses natural non-toxic chemicals there is less damage done to the fabrics you wash, and therefore your clothing will stay strong and last longer.

Sustainability factor

Perhaps the most important reason to move to an environmentally cleaner way of washing is the reduced negative effects on nature. The Ecoegg is packed in sustainable and decomposable material, which is a bonus before we actually get to the main product. Water is one of the most important resources with have on this planet, and is threatened each and every day by the toxic chemicals we add to it through washing our clothing and fruits and vegetables.

The calm washing granules drastically reduce the pollution that the wastewater gives off and leaves you with 100% greywater that will easily decompose in the environment. Furthermore, there is no need to constantly buy washing powder or liquid that comes in plastic bags or non-reusable bottles.

How does the EcoEgg work?

So how exactly does the EcoEgg work?

The answer is - just like regular commercially available laundry detergent.  

Scientifically speaking the tourmaline weakens the adhesive forces between the dirt and fabric and the minerals naturally ionize the oxygen molecules in the water to lift the dirt and grime.  

The EcoEgg can withstand a wash up to 60°C, but works just as well at lower temperatures.  

Great news for the ever-increasing electricity bill and power consumption!

The results

Here is the interesting part - the switch has been rather undramatic.

I kept waiting for something to “happen” or to notice something “different”, but all I have is clean laundry.

I was nervous that it would not be as effective, but it works for me and I will continue using the product.

My only adjustment and mind shift have been to let go of the scented smell of regular detergents.  

You must retrain yourself that clean does not have a smell, chemicals, and perfumes do. Besides, if you want that lovely smell you can always add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the wash in its final cycle.

The verdict

I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that this product was not disappointed.

The laundry egg performed as promised.  It is a cost-saving, environmentally friendly alternative to all your washing powders, liquids, gels, and tablets.

I enjoy chemical-free cleaning and this product compliments my lifestyle without compromise.

There are no excuses to refrain from making small changes like this within your lifestyle as the benefits far outweigh any downsides you might think there are.

The time has come to change our destructive preconceived ideas on cleaning.

If you want to try the EcoEgg it is available on Amazon for only $USD 10 and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.


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