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COVID-19, are we the virus?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The world is coming to an end! It's Armageddon! - Well, not exactly. The worlds in a panic at the moment, no, wait... Humans are in a panic at the moment over the very famous Corona Virus. Lockdowns, travel bans, and social distancing tipping life as we know it upside down, but how does the planet feel about it? Many people believe the world is healing as we hideaway... Could we be the virus?

The world as a body

Let's try to imagine the earth as one single living creature. The ozone is the skin, the rock its bones, and all the plants and animals make up the cells, minerals, and vitamins. After all, just like us, the Earth is made majority of water. Within our bodies, there are loads of viruses and parasites which benefit us in our daily lives, but what happens when this balance becomes unbalanced? The answer is easy - we get sick.

Humans as a cell

If the earth is the body and animals and plants are cells, well that makes us humans cells too. Yes, cells - the puzzle pieces that hold all living things together. Without them, it would be impossible to survive. We would not be able to repair or to grow. As the creative geniuses that humans are, it is very easy to see why we are such an important building block to our 'Earth body'.

The Earth has a cancer

As humans begin to overpopulate and pollute the globe we start to mimic cancerous cells or unbalanced - once beneficial - parasites. Slowly destroying our host body in order to become bigger and better. Little does the parasite know, once its host is dead, so is it. Yet, do we stop expanding? Does the cancer stop growing? The simple answer is no.

The Earth has a plan

While in the gloom of its own existence the body needs to rise up, it needs to put up the fight to survive. Anti-bodies and white blood cells are created and pushed around the body. Fighting as the soldiers of an apocalyptic war. Fighting with only one purpose - destroy the virus and preserve the body. This leaves the questing - if we are the virus, then who are the anti-bodies?

The Covid-19 antivirus

Could it be possible that the coronavirus is only the enemy to us, but to the earth, it is its strongest attempt yet at re-balancing its own body? As the human virus spreads, the Earth has created its own means to keep us under control. Fighting back by controlling the virus that inhabits its body. Wise as it is, not destroying the once beneficial parasite, but controlling what it does and where it goes in hopes that it stops destroying its own home. As humans have been forced into hiding - creating the illusion that we are under control - the Earth has started to heal. Other cells (Plants and other animals) have started to enjoy their 'Earth body' in the way they were designed to. The ozone skin is repairing and the air (Earth's blood) is cleaning itself.

The next step

Now we need to ask ourselves - what is the next step? Once the body has decided that it no longer needs to hunt us down, what do we do? We have the choice and all the power to implement it. We could, of course, go back into our old ways of destroying the Earth and continue being the cancerous cells that we previously were, or we could take up a new responsibility in our place in this 'Earth body'. After all, when a virus keeps on attacking our own bodies we just create bigger and better antibodies to fight back. Do we need to be facing a larger, deadlier version of the Corona Virus, or will we support our Earth as our home and grow with it together. Remember, the choice is ours.

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