Sustainable and Eco-friendly products at wholesale prices

Finding an organic eco-friendly wholesale supplier can be tough. It is hard to know where products come from, how they are made, and which ones to choose. As I have personally gone through this battle would like to help others to avoid the headache of product research. 

Each of these sustainable products has been researched, tried, and tested by not only me but my peers as well. I believe that these are among the top brand-worthy eco-friendly items on the market.


Browse through the goods bellow and imagine how they could bee a part of your company image - whether it is in the office, your eco-friendly shop, or your restaurant and hotel.

Custom design & logo


Hassle-free logistics

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Double walled stainless steel water bottle

Color: Black, White, Blue, Purple, Stainless

Size: 600ml, 750ml

Logo: Custom

Min order: 100pcs

Starting price: $8.12 - $9.60

Single walled stainless steel water bottle

Size: 750ml

Color: White & Silver

Logo: Custom

Min order: 100

 Starting price: $2.90 - $4.20

Bamboo Straws

Size: Custom

Logo: Custom

Min order: 100

 Starting price: $0.18 - $0.24

Stainless steel straw & case

Size: 8*215mm

Logo: Custom

Includes: Straw, case & brush

Min order: 100

 Starting price: $3.65 - $5.30

Reusable mesh vegetable bags

Size: 13*18cm pouch

      Includes: 1 pouch & 5 bags

Color: All colors

Logo: Custom

Min order: 500 (logo), 50 (stock)

 Starting price: $2.75 - $3.50

Bamboo toothbrush and case

Size: Adult/ Kids

      Includes: 1 Toothbrush & 1 Case

Color: Bamboo

Logo: Custom

Min order: 100

 Starting price: $3.60 - $4.15

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