Carbon Warrior - Your Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator

Introducing Carbon Warrior, M.A.D Organics very own personal Carbon Footprint calculator.

This CO2 calculator will allow you to calculate the avergae Carbon emissions that your households lifestyle emits each year.

Simply choose the number of people in your household, full in the details and take a look at the impact that you are having on the planet.

What does this Carbon Footprint calculator cover?

- House hold CO2 emissions from power consumption.

- Transport Carbon emissions, both for public and personal transport.

- The Carbon Footprint of local and international flights.

What is the Carbon Footprint?

Before calculating your own Carbon Footprint, it is important to know what the Carbon Footprint is, how it is calculater and the importance of knowing what your own CO2 emissions are.

What is Carbon Footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is the total greenhouse gas emitted by an individual, orgonization service or product.

This goes beyond just the emitted weight of CO2 from a process, but takes into account the by products produced in the environment through combustion and molecular conversion.

Carbon Footprint is messured in CO2e or Carbondioxide Equivilant (also known as the Global Warming Potential).

As a reference, the Global Warming Potential of CO2 is 1 and it is through this assumption that our Carbon footprint Calculator is bassed.

Why should you know your Carbon Footprint?

So why is it important for each of us to know our Carbon Footprint?

The answer to this is simple - In order for us to solve a problem we need to know what the problem is, and beyond this, we need to know what part we play in the problem ourselves.

We are living in a global climate crisis. Melting icecaps, erratic weather systems such as earthquakes and hurricanes, migrating plant patterns, and a huge loss of biodiversity.

Climate change is a huge threat to life as we know it, and much of this can be attributed to global warming.

Knowing your CO2e levels allows each individual a platform to improve on. This is also known as Carbon Offsetting.

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